First day: Karlsruhe – Kittersburg (106,5k)

When my friend Recep did the transcontinental race (first one) and i’ve seen his tour footage i got addicted. I started to plan my first trip. I decided to visit my girlfriend in Berne by bike. I planned to take 4 days for that journey. The evening before the start arrived Mo of Frankfurt, a bikepolo friend, in Karlsruhe. He came by bike and his next destination was Freiburg to meet his dad and go further with his dad. Hey, that was my route. So we could start together 🙂
It was great to have a ride buddy, spontaneous. First we rode the german side of the Rhine. We switched to the french side which is more beautiful by bike. Then we reached Strassbourg and switched again on the german side. There we made a little break. There’s a newer massive bridge over the Rhine which was quite crowded…

After a while we went on. i started to get cramps… Mo gave me some magnesium agaist it… I got slower and Mo still had some k’s to go. Time to split. I went on the search for camping place. I found a lake near on google maps, okidoki!


Ravioli – one plate isn’t enough

I passed a gas station to get some beers and rode to the lake. Not crowded, i went on the search for a spot to sleep.

I found a conveyor belt which was not in use anymore and direct on the shoreline. I was equipped with a hammock and sleeping bag. That spot was perfect for that setup. I started my can ravioli for dinner and a beer. It got dark and i enjoyed the space till i went for sleep. Ok, it was not the best night and i didn’t knew that you should place a mattress i a hammock for sleeping, also a constant sideway wind sucked a bit 😉




hammock night

Second day: Kittenburg – Neuenburg (122k)

Coffee time! Packing, going on. This day was mostly riding on the dam beside the Rhine, a was easy ride. Nothing special, enjoying the landscape, passing nice villages. I made a little break in Breisach which is near Freiburg, i’ve never been there before. Nice village. Too many tourist that i left soon 😉 For the night i figured out Neuenburg near the river. I’ve been there in child days with the family for camping sometimes. Decades ago. I found a little B&B, placed my stuff there and went on the search for a restaurant. I found a really good spot, a restaurant with a butchery belonging to that. The first beer was so delicious! I also had delicious food, then i went in my sweet room for sleeping.

Third day: Neuenburg – Wangen (102,5k)

I wanted to cross the swiss border this day which wasn’t too far anymore. I also texted with a friend in Basel to visit him. I know since the beginning of bikepolo, he organized the first tournament i’ve been. Ages ago 😉 He offered me a coffee if i stop by. Nothing to say, than hello! I passed the border and was a bit confused that i was already in Switzerland… I went on the search of the headquarter of the ‘Velokurier Basel’. When i arrived i was just asking for Strom 🙂 It was a great pleasure for me to meet this sweetheart after a while! I asked for a bikeshop to get a wind west. Because i had the whole time headwind. Easy and perfect for me, Strom offered me one of the ‘Velokurier Basel’. I wear it with proud, thank you Strom!

the one and only Strom!

Next i had to get up the  Liestal, just knew it of the signs of the road with the car. 😉 It got serious uphill…. Somewhere beside a retirement home i made a break for lunch. I got some delicious swiss snacks! When i reached the top there was a longer downhill waiting for me. One time i had to stop to take a picture of the scenery. The goal today was Wangen (an der Aare), here i had to pass a wooden old bridge with rooftop. I found a cheap B&B, the funny thing was that i have been the only guest. A whole house for me. 🙂 The owner had also a restaurant where i took dinner. PASTA! And some beers. It was crowded with military people in fact there is a military base of the swiss army. Then i went to my funny room to sleep….

Fourth day: Wangen – Bern (53k)

The last part was easy. I really enjoyed the last k’s. Sun, natur, swiss country. When i passed a barrier with a sign ‘Stop – danger of shots’ i was wondering what the hell is going on… No danger today because the sign was upright. 😉 Being stoked to ride a way i knew by car riding with the bike. Afterwards it’s also funny to drive it with the car. You know more than just the road. By car it’s just 3 hours 😉