In 10 days 3 overnighter at the same spot with different people. Where is the difference and what is same?

In the first case the choice was between hiking and having marshmallows at a camp fire…. the marshmallows won ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes it’s easy. For the second it was the possibility to have a night off from the family, take the chance also with the knowledge ofย  rain starting in the morning… The third one was the new experience of sleeping outside without a tent and there came much more unexpected experience like smashing a tree trunk on a rock. All three overnighters were quality time with lovely (and happy) people!

Sharing is caring, also an important point for overnighters. At the first one we got a bigger tree trunk and at the third one we burned the rest of it ๐Ÿ™‚ Also at the first one we had a bad experience with aluminium foil (it burnt away) so we brought some aluminium pans and left the rest at the hut. At the third they were sold in the supermarket but there were still the left two at the hut so could use one to grill the sausages. It is like an unwritten law that you leave usefull stuff (wood, candles, stuff for having BBQ) at the hut for other people so they can use it.


What is always the same… A camp fire is just AWESOME!

It always a pleasure to cycle up to the spot, because in the end you get a great reward with the spot and the view.

Many people realised during the corona thingy that you can enjoy nature. You had to get early to the spot to save your place to stay (first come, first serve rule). During the three times 15 other people wanted to stay for the night at the spot. That’s much and the more, the harder to keep the distance. One overnighter we were 10 people up there and managed to follow the actual rules. Take care on your spots!

Camp fire for many

Always important… morning coffee. Also on the way back is an incredible snack bar with a delicious curry sausage with fries. On the first and third we had sun, and the right time for a lunch break…

With Uwe (the second overnighter) it was a bit different, it started to rain in the morning, so we decided to sleep a bit longer (10 a.m.)…. Then we rode down in the rain, it was fun! So we rode all the way back home. Dirty Boys when arriving at home. We had just a stop for some cookies and a smoke in a hut, later another one. Sometimes it’s great to play in the dirt.


Now a big thank you for super people to spend time! Thank you Ellen, Erik, L, Nastassia and Uwe for joining a ride and overnighter! <3