Oli and me decided to make a ride and packed everything if we need a rest. Because it’s legal in Germany to rest. Unbelievably we needed a rest when we passed the Bernstein. 😉 A father with his son found also his way up to here to spend the night. We arranged us where to sleep that there is enough space between, we also managed to spend time at the camp fire with the needed space. Sausages on a stick was diner for all of us.

Oli and me took a new route which brought us through nice, new landscapes, we passed the spring before the Bernstein to refill the water sources.

What does is mean to me, doing overnighters… I just figured out that it is a possibility for me to escape the crazyness in the city, having a quality time, normality. Things i learned this time:

  • How to break a tree trunk on a rock
  • Only clever people will be at the Bernstein
  • Quality time with one of the best friends is priceless!

Thanks Oli for this one! Also a bit of water from the sky in the morning couldn’t stop our good mood, we jumped in the bivy 🙂

And don’t forget the morning coffee with an awesome view…    See you next weekend on a hill/hut