Spring is here, also Corona. What about an overnighter in spring, separated in the woods? Yes we can! Regarding to my friends in Italy, Spain and France they are not in such a good situation that you are allowed to ride your bike outside. Also i can work (normal) from home. It is a privilege to learn to appreciate.

I bought all necessary stuff in the supermarket a few days ago to be prepared, a new route to my second living room a.k.a. Bernstein. Incredible, spring. Sweat in fact of the temperature and not only because of hard cycling… Lovely! Also i tested the new Baiki strap for fixing things to the bike. Perfect to hold my seat cushion. The effort on this route was more that my usual one. I passed the fountain to pick up water for the morning coffee.

I arrived at the spot totally fed up.And happy 🙂 It felt like normallity since a 3 weeks. Nature, sun and a well known spot. I started the camp fire, then arrived a guy who walked from Karlsruhe up to here and also a couple arrived with the bikes. We shared the place with the needed respect and distance and it worked out great. Some tales at the camp fire and then going to sleep. I woke up at 7:30 and shortly after that arrived a walker who slept beside a hut a bit below. Cheering. Coffee first! Soon everybody was woken up and we were drinking coffee, enjoyed the scenery and left quite early in different directions. Some normality in this crazy times…In week should start the Hanse Gravel and in may Badlands … both canceled, the right decision. Too bad.