An Overnighter with 3 kids and 5 adults. Where to go? My friend Mathis searched for locations in between Basel and Karlsruhe and found a lovely hut with a good space for glamping in the black forest. Spot done! We decided to meet in Lahr for 14k ride in fact that we had little people with us. First stop was a supermarket on the way where Ellen and her son catched us. Mathis setup was a trailer with funny (i think) 25 kg load and Erik had his tipi and stove with him (15kg).

Fully loaded we started to start the uphill until the hut, mostly on nice forest paths. Ellen had a new toy to help her son to ride the uphill, kind of a huge rubber rope, to pull the kid on top of the hill. It worked super good!


The ride took longer than expected, also the shopping took longer than expected, but who cares if you ride such lovely paths and have such lovely views…

Finally we arrived at this awesome spot: Ettenheimer Hütte, an open house/hut with stove and a hut with BBQ area. Also a guy was there, starting to leave and we could overtake the camp fire. Easy! Everybody started to make the necessary stuff, like getting wood, setup the tipi and stove. Mathis and i went to a near spring for water. Mathis and his family decided to sleep in the hut, i in front and the rest in the tipi (with stove)… After all was setup we started with diner at the camp fire (delicious sausages and delicious raclette)! The kids could also play beside at a trickle and started to build a dam. The adults could enjoy the camp fire a have a cup of wine.

Everybody went to bed when it was the right time (kids first). I decided to sleep in front of the hut to get the fresh air the whole night. Hey, my mattress started to loose air again and i woke up nearly on the floor with my bottom. But with a nice view!

Slowly there came life into the people. Coffee, camp fire, breakfast. Repair the dam… Everything important had to be done.  Shortly before we left arrived the guy from the day before (we took his camp fire) with some friends for BBQ, so we could give back the camp fire 😉 Furtunately for him, we couldn’t turned it all off.

The route back was fine, except some trails which where destroyed by boards and hard to ride. Some kids fell some times, but nothing serious. Back in Lahr we stopped at Trattoria de Enza (delicious italian pasta) for lunch and rode after that to the train station before Sabine (the storm) would arrive. Such a great weekend, overnighter combined friends and family. It really worked out well! More to come this year!