I’m happy to have this crazy friend Erik who got the idea to buy himself a tipi and a fitting stove. And go for an overnighter in Alsace. By bike. 5 kg of tipi and 10 kg of stove. Happy pedaling 😉 I picked Erik up and we had to go to an outdoor shop to buy more straps to save the stove in the back. Huge load. In Rhineland-Palentina we looked for some local eggs for the new standard breakfast, ham and eggs. Our good karma brought us in the situation that we found a fridge in front of a house, where you can place some money for eggs. The owner came out and asked us if we plan to sleep outside that night, we said yes and he replied that we can take the eggs for free because we  are freaks. Nice move!

Next stop was the supermarket in Wissembourg to get some diner stuff, also Ellen was joining us by foot with her son again and brought some merguez and wood. We took the fluids and breakfast stuff. Now was the uphill for the next 6 k’s in front of us.

It was amazing how good this stove was heating the inside of the tipi. We cooked the sausages on the stove inside, the next day it was a new feeling to smell like a sausage and not like a camp fire. We had a funny night inside this cosy spot. My mattress got a cut so i was sleeping on the ground….

From outside!

The fire went off during the night so in the morning it got quite fresh… The first coffee helped to survive on a frosty ground. It sounded like walking on snow. We had ham and eggs for breakfast, i just realized that frying sausages on the stove in the pan was not the best choice.

Before noon we packed and started the way back with a little detour through Schweigern-Rechtenbach to have lunch and a Schorle. Mostly where full or closed (like our favorite “Jülgs Weingut”), but Linde was quite nice. Lovely weekend, funny glamping adventure. I think i also caught a cold. Let’s start this overnighter year!