Spring came for the weekend. We must go out for an overnighter -> Bernstein, second living room. We timed our depart and the neighbours, the friends were lazy. Too late. I felt like a fool because the informations about the delay were rare or not coming to me. I started alone, first i was a bit pissed about them, after a while i could think about important things which are bothering me at the moment. Love. I went for some beers to the gas station in Bad Herrenalb and rode with a ok heartbeat up to the spot. Many (i think) newbies at the place, because they were reading all the plaques hanging there. 😉 And nearly nobody said ‘hello’. It was warm. T-Shirt, Short and a cold beer with a stunning view! Right now it felt ‘it’s ok, how it is’. That i rode alone up to here, having time with myself, to think. In the end it’s always good, ok, how it is. Sometimes it’s hard to see and understand it.


My bikepacking-family arrived, we grilled sausages, marshmallows and drank some beers at the camp fire. When the beer is empty, you go sleep. That’s the timing for sleeping 😉

Morning coffee was awesome, fresh air, a lovely view. A spring ride back home through the forrest. <3

It is a honor to life door by door and have you as such good friends! :*