In fact of the pandemic situation we had to cancel to meet friends (family) from Basel. So we decided an Overnighter at our local spot -> Bernstein. We cycled on a lovely autumn afternoon up to Bad Herrenalb to get the last essentials for the night (some more sausages, drinks and marshmallows).

The small mister L cycled nearly everything by him self, what an improvement! In fact of the small one, the pace was very pleasant for me 😉 This was a lovely crew, my neighbours, friends and approved travel buddies … and that all in one!

When we arrived at the spot, a cycling buddy was already waiting for us there. Normally he wanted to cycle up for a coffee in the morning but he couldn’t make it so he visited us for the arriving (sorry no pic).

Then we started the camp fire, we were hungry! sausages on a stick and over the camp fire. Thinking, some talking and just enjoy the scenery. The full moon made it quite bright.

It’s just about to be together with great people, talk, be quiet, savor, have delicious BBQ. That brings so much for the daily life, work. This brings you back to what’s really important. Friendship and Love. You don’t need much for that. The right people, a nice spot and a camp fire. The rest comes automatically. I feel so happy to have the right people and that we know some lovely spots. And i got more that these three superb humans in my live as friends, buddies, mates… whatever you will call it.

During the night it started to rain that we stayed a bit longer under the shelf of the shelter in the sleeping bags.

But then called coffee! And soon the rain stopped an we packed and rode a nice gravel path down to Fischweier (which should be called Curryweier) for a curry sausage for lunch and crossed some goats. And with our great Karma -> the sun came out 🙂


Some more information about the spot. Only german. Sorry. But there is a lot of history and a legend….