The first overnighter during the working week. With Erik 🙂
We met after work in Ettlingen, first stop was a gas station to get a cold beer.

We drank it beside the Alb in the woods. Then went on to Bad Herrenalb. Erik went in the supermarket for BBQ and drinks. We were quite late. Starting (after another can of beer) the last 5 k’s to the spot. It was half past nine when we arrived there. Just in time for the sundown. Erik could also play with his new toy, a drone.

Then we started the campfire, BBQ. The view from the sleeping was great!

We slept well. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. Bright. We got up a quarter past six, Erik went to the spring and i made coffee. When he came back we had coffee and he had time to play with the drone. Amazing views!


Then we rode back to Ettlingen, he jumped in his camper for a shower and i home. Then to work. Big smile in the face and totally relaxed! The Bernstein is now something like my second flat. 😀

Thanks Erik! Great droning!