For the long weekend (4 days off!) i figured out some options… In the end i met first Jens for an overnighter with a new perfect spot and then i rode visiting my cycling crew ‘Nikoteam’ in the Black Forest.

Because the place to meet Jens was not far away i could easy start around lunch time. Fourty k’s heading east. The weather forecast was not that brilliant for that day, thunderstorms. That’s why we figured out two Cabins as possible spots. We met in a small village called Illingen, went to the gas station to get some water and a fresh, cold beer. Then we went to the creek ‘Enz’ to have a beer and put the feet in the water. A really beautiful place!

Then came clouds and we searched the spots to spend the night. The first cabin was beside a forest playground and crowded with families that we directly went on to the next one. The second was uphill, above wine yards. From below the spot looked empty, so we went on. The last meters were steps and arrived there showed us that the way was it worth!

Perfect spot. Fireplace, cabin and wood. The view was incredible! Also the arriving thunderstorm! It started to rain a bit, but in a way that it was refreshing. We prepared the fire, prepared the food. And soon we could have diner with a nice view!

We enjoyed the camp fire, had some mugs of wine and talked till we felt asleep.

The morning was sunny, preparing coffee. Packing the stuff and ride back to Illingen for a proper breakfast. After that we said ciao, ciao and our ways went apart. Jens was riding home to prepare the alleycat the weekend ahead and i went south to meet the Nikoteam. My way was back to the Enz and follow that small river for a about 60k’s.

When i passed Bad Wildbad and left the Enz it started to get hilly. The real Black Forest started. The scenery

changed, the houses, the landscape. I took also some bike signs which brought gravel…

Due to a hard day (for me) i decided during the ride to take room in a hostel for that night. No energy left to find a spot to sleep… I called two hostels, too expensive or no place left. Then i saw that there is a campsite near and called there. On the website they wrote it’s full… The person on the other end of the line answered that they will have a place for my bike and biwi 🙂 A beautiful campsite (Natur-Camping Langenwald)! They assgined me a pitch, i could take a shower and have diner there. I could also get some vine for my place before sleeping. It’s funny only with a biwi on ‘proper’ campsite.

The morning i made coffee, then placed my stuff in the sun to dry. I was sleeping at 650 meters above sea level which was not so warm during the night. The sun together with a coffee was good! I packed my stuff and asked for the direction at the shop of the campsite. I could start directly there on a gravel uphill through the woods. Good morning 🙂 But soon i had a long descent the woods, without traffic. So many beautiful views during the ride!

For lunch i had a pizza and leaving the small village a sign was waiting (for me) stating “next 4k – 10%”… Thank you! 😉 After some coke’s i arrived at the secret spot of the Nikoteam training camp. At least i had to walk a 25% gravel way up to there. I was being there first and had to wait till the boyz arrived from their ride. Big hello and a welcome beer before we took a shower and left for diner in delicious restaurant! After diner we came back, sitting outside, had some beers and nice talks. Mostly cycling related stuff 😉 It was nice to sleep in a bed again that night.

The next morning we had breakfast, the boys packed their stuff and put my stuff in Hannes car. Trying to ride back home. Oh, i forgot to mention: the last two days i had headwind. So i was sure that direction home i will have tailwind. Nope. I rode out of the Black Forst to the Rhine valley and starting there the wind was trying to suck me. At Offenburg he won and i took the train 😉 The ride out of the Black Forest was stunning!

Thank you Jens for that great overnighter and the pics! And the Nikoteam to take care of me 🙂

The route: