For the weekend of the official swift campout i invited some people for their first overnighter. In the end we were just three people, but who cares! We met in the afternoon and rode the why up to Bad Herrenalb to buy food and drinks. Stefan was responsible for the drinks and came out of the shop with a 5 litre can of beer. How to carry that to the spot? My harness is the perfect holder for that 🙂

We started the 5 last k’s uphill, met a working colleague how wanted to visit us uphill and we went to the spot. Stefan hat a touring bike with a 8-gear-hub and managed it to ride to the top, steady. Respect! Arriving on top we enjoyed the scenery. Took some pictures.

Then had the newbies to get water of the spring. When they came back the camp fire was set up and burning. The beer was first quite foamie, riding a gravel way with a big can is not perfect 😀 A lovely evening.

The next morning we had coffee and started soon back home.