In August i started to think about my birthday at the beginning of October. A few days off and where to go? After i’ve seen some reports of pannier.ccย i thought about Wales or Scotland. I asked my buddy Gabes and he told me to go for Scotland in this period. Okidoki! Luckily there are flights of the local airport to Edinburgh. I got connected to Markus of and he offered me his couch. Perfect!

The dayย  before the trip i started to get scared about the lonely travel in the Highlands. Thinking about how i escape that trip ๐Ÿ™‚ Also at the morning of the start Ryan-Air started to strike. But not at my airport ๐Ÿ˜‰

When i arrived at Edinburgh i couldn’t get in touch with him and had to find a spot for sleeping. In the end i got a bed in dorm with 8 beds at a hostel… Ok. The hostel had also a bar beside where i could enjoy two beers before sleeping. The morning i tried to get in touch with Markus and he managed a spot for my luggage at a friends bike shed. Awesome! So i met Christian, a super helpful nice guy! You will see the rest (and can read) below with the pictures. I already saved a two week trip next year to Scotland/Wales. It’s so beautiful!



Hattonburn Nursery

The staff arrived the day before back from spain, i couldn’t get further on the first day in fact of a late start. There were two more campers with their caravan. Nice spot!

Forfar Lochside Caravan and Motorhome Club Site

somehow i forgot to take more pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰ I could dry all my clothes in the lundry room, nice staff. Supermarket near.

Feughside Caravan Park

It was raining since lunch time, when i arrived i got a lovely welcome, the facility to take a shower was not that warm to dry my clothes, the shower was hot ๐Ÿ™‚ Beside me. two more campers on the site. It was raining the whole night, the next morning i could enjoy my coffee at a wooden bench/desk beside my tent. Also came the owner to give me advice for my trip, with some printed maps. Super nice!


I finally made it to the boothy at Loch Muick at my birthday! 20 k’s before the spot i could get some food and drinks. It was an awesome place without phone connection. First i had to saw wood for a warm fire, there were like 8 saws but no hatchet, WHY???ย Enjoying the fire in front of me, some fancy draft beer and a good Ferrcairn whisky.


8 dead partridgeย , 3 rabbits, 3 hedgehogs, 1 big badger. Scotland is so beautiful! I’m already planning a two week trip for next year! So much stunning places, nature, animals and nice people! Sometimes it reminded me to Iceland, but with trees ๐Ÿ˜‰


Four days outside, cold and rainy, sleeping at campsites without a room to dry the clothes fucked up my body. In the bothy i justed tried to warm up my feet. Waking up the morning i felt week. I had start slow with coffee, light rain outside, a stunning view about around Loch Muick. Packing went so slow that i didn’t start to sweat. My next stop would have been another bothy in the wilderness, so i decided to go back to Edinburgh and quit my trip. I rode to the last village because i’ve seen a busstop there. Arriving there a local started to talk with me about my fork-bags, because he likes them. I asked about bus and bike, i also was in contact with Christian. Normally no bikes in busses… But with the support of the local and talking about being sick i was allowed to take the bus to Aberdeen. What a pleasure! I enjoyed the ride in the bus through the countryside. Just beautiful! For the rest i took the train beside the coastline to Edinburgh which was also stunning to look out of the window! Next year, better prepared!

Capitol of Scotland:

So many old building. I had the chance to walk around and see more of the city. I missed the castle because i wanted to see the ship of the queen, which sucked, because you can only see it if you pay entrance. And it was further than i though… Miles are not kilometers ๐Ÿ˜€ Next time i go for the castle!

Many thanks to Christian for his great support! Markus for managing a place for my luggage! Scotland for being that awesome! See you next year <3!