Searching for a place and route to ride again after Tuscany Trail 2018 we decided to ride the TMV (Traversée Massif Vosgien à VTT) we found on The tracks are some different. It seems that the GPX at bikepacking is missing some waypoints…

Erik and me took the train to Wissembourg to meet at the trainstation Mathis. After a big hello and checking the actual bike setup we started to a supermarket to buy diner and drinks. In fact of the time we choosed a near lovely hut in the woods for the first night and slide on the track on saturday. The sun started to be so cheesy when we rode uphill. When we arrive at the hut a camp fire was already burning! Two hikers (with  a small dog) were already there. We collected some wood for the camp fire and started diner. Finally we had some wine and shared Schnaps with the hikers.

Two times good sleep

Two MTB, one gravel bike

Two times BBQ

Two different landscapes

Two bottles of wine (each evening)

Two awesome spots

Three awesome guys

we made it to Saverne. We will definitely finish the TMV together, next start will be Saverne. We had a lot of fun and fucked trails in fact of the dry weather followed by heavy rainshowers. But who cares. That’s nature!