For testing some new stuff we got for our upcoming Iceland tour, Oli and i went for an overnighter at a lovely small campsite. Oli knew this place, 60 k’s away on the opposite of the Rhine valley. The forecast for our choosen weekend was the first summer days. Perfect!

We started at highnoon to the ferry to get on the other side of the Rhine river. We had a couple following us about 10 k’s. Waiting for the ferry we started talking. They asked us for our destination and decided then not to follow us any more 😉 Around 15 k’ behind the ferry the villages got more and more beautiful, with a lot of small wineries and/in old houses. Also the ‘fields’ changed to vineyards. When we reached Edenkoben we searched for a supermarket to get some food and a ‘build the tent beer’. After we got those essentials we started the last 5 k’s to the campsite. From now we just had uphill… Through the old part of Edenkoben, a.k.a. downtown, better uptown. Till St. Martin, the final village, another uphill passing wineyards. Another small old, lovely village. Then we reached the lovely campsite, located at the beginning of the Pfälzer Berge. Oli figured out a really sweet spot for our first trip this year! See the pictures…

First we went on the terrace of the restaurant located there for a cold fresh beer in the sun! Then we started with building the tent, the new tent for our upcoming Iceland trip. We were quite impressed how it will be when we put the footprint on the ground. And only two kilogram of weight… When we were finished we switched our location again on the terrace of the restaurant, still sunny over there, to get dinner. Local food. Njammy!

When the sun was gone we went inside the restaurant for some dessert. The restaurant was still crowded and so we could stay there for some ‘schorle’ (white wine with a bit of sparkling water, 0,5 liter). We got tired and the restaurant closed that we switched to our tent place.

We had a good sleep and woke up with more sun. Coffee time! Another coffee. We had no hustle to leave. It was the first summer day this year with 25°! We took another way back, also we got stuck before the autobahn because the signs for the cylce paths were not that clear 😉 Riding back through the lovely landscapes, direction home.