I was thinking about doing an overnighter at my favorite spot, using the day off before easter. I asked Erik a few days before and got the final answer the night before 1.30 a.m. He’s in 🙂

I packed my stuff which is now kind of a routine, in this routine i packed the wrong keys. I recognized it closing the door of my flat. Too bad… I called the reserve-key-person and luckily i could directly pick it up. And it’s just 2 minutes away. Beeing there i saw that i miss a mug. Next stop home. 😉 Finally i could start picking up Erik.

We rode to Ettlingen, there we stopped at a gas station for beers and bread. Then we switched on the Gravelpath ‘Graf-Rheyna-Weg’ to get to the destination. Shortly after we shot the cover-picture Erik saw a sign at a way pointing to the Bernstein. We didn’t know that path, so we took it. New ways are always great. Riding through the woods with a descent uphill, in the end the last kilometer got hard with 15% and loose ground. Gravel. We reached Bernbach and got on an other serious gravel uphill ride. It was the way that i was using the first and second time up there. Soon and sweaty we reached the Bernstein!

The first important mission was to open a beer! As next mission we collected wood for the campfire. Erik went to the spring for water and i put the wood in a size that it fits for the campfire. When he came back we started the campfire. Erik was hungry and prepared a travel meal to satisfy the first hunger, then we started the BBQ, opened a bottle of wine. It got cold. We had the BBQ inside the cabin and soon Erik went to sleep. I got addicted in burning fir. Bright light and cool noise!

Next morning. We got up late, slept about 10 hours. Erik started making coffee. Beside the coffee we had delicious muffins for the first breakfast. I started packing and recognized that an animal must have been biting in my rainjacket during the night. But why?? Then arrived the first MTB-guys and we talked a bit. We went down to Bad Herrenalb for a second breakfast. On the way home we visited Andi at Bike Lager at work for a coffee. Then a smooth ride home. Thank you Erik, great start for Bernstein!