let the tour start

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First day: Zurich – Tower (15k)

Oli and me drove with the car on friday afternoon to Recep, that time he was located in Zurich. When we arrived the first thing was to build up the bikes. Going to a supermarket to get BBQ stuff for the evening. Then we started. After 2k’s Recep had his first incident with the bike 😀 Great start! We had just 15k to go this evening, the goal was a wooden observation tower. Shortly before we arrived there we’ve seen bambi, lovely! Arriving at the spot we started collection wood for the campfire and start the BBQ. The boys were hungry! BBQ and some wine after a ride is always a superb reward. When we were finished with the BBQ we climbed up the tower, placing the bikes somewhere on the way up that they won’t got stolen by bambi and her friends 😉

On top. Wow! What a view! The platform is above the trees. We had some wine and felt asleep….

the TOWER!

Second day: Tower – Meiringen (102,5k)

The morning we woke up around 6 a.m. because a couple arrived at the platform. Maybe they were not happy to meet us 😉 Because we were woken up… Starting make coffee! We enjoyed the view and with coffee before we packed our stuff and went downstairs again.

For this day the final spot was a friends house in the lovely Haslital (Berner Oberland). This day we had more than 100k and a pass… Switzerland riding is amazing, hills, mountains with snow and lakes. First we passed the Zuger lake where we had the real breakfast. Before we stopped at a supermarket to get the essentials for it.

Next was lake of Lucerne. Around lunchtime we got us a Döner and placed us at the shore of Sarner lake. Some relaxing time before the climb to the Brünig pass… Siesta.

who was that?

We had a bike path till the half of the overall climb. It got steep. In the sun it got hot and hard. When you made a break you was surrounded by flys trying to eat you… Back on the bike… Next break… Flys eating you. 😉 Somewhen we arrived at ‘Lungerer lake’. I was first and figured out there is directly a place to slip in the lake… It was easy to get the both others for a swim! Relaxing water with the view of mountains with snow on top!

Refreshed we started the last part of the climb. On the street with cars… I know this street very well with a car, i drove it many times for going snowboarding… With the bike it is really harder 😉 It’s always funny if you ride streets you know well with the car and then do it with the bike. On top, happy 🙂 Done. Now it was a serious gravel downwards. Arriving in Meiringen the BBQ was nearly ready to go. What a welcome! Our host was a the parents old farmhouse. A beautiful space! When the BBQ was done we hang around the house, looking to mountains, seeing a waterfall on the opposite.

Because the weather was that good we decided to sleep outside in the garden. We were in touring mode 🙂 Another sleep under a sky full of stars.

Third day: Meiringen – Susten somewhere (20k)

Breakfast and coffeetime. After putting the stuff back in the bags and preparing the bikes we said a ‘heartly ciao’ and began our ride direction ‘Susten pass’… in Innertkirchen (where a nice bar is located, the world famous ‘Ritzli pub’) we filled our stock of wine, beer and meat for diner.

First we took the old road of the Susten pass and then switched to gravel paths. Recep knows a spot on the way to top which should get our campsite for this night. He’s been there for his Transcontinental training with Eric. We had to pass a pasture with cows direct lying on the way… We walked around, a creek was going over the way… Only nature around. Somewhen we arrived at the spot.

Wow! A cabin with wood, some axes. When we arrived there were two guys with a girl having a BBQ, with a big mercedez-benz and a drone. (?) They didn’t fit (for our mind) in this scenery 😉 They left soon, maybe our smell was too good…

We placed ourselves in the creek in the shadow with a cold beer. After a while we prepared the campfire to start the BBQ. Recep is very addicted to campfire, it looks like a passion how he positions the wood to burn. It was so much fun over there with these two boyz! Love them! Fire, fire and wine. Then sleep. With amazing stars in the sky!

Fourth day: Susten somewhere – Meiringen (19,5k)

…coffee. Camp fire lightend up again, becaue we can. After  a bit we packed the bikes and went down, direction Meiringen to take the train back to Zurich. The train ride was first nearly beside the ride of two days ago. It was great to see the landscape from a different view. This route is really beautiful. Thank you Oli and Recep!