As preparation for Tuscany Train Erik and i planned a weekend trip in the lovely Pfalz to test our setup (packaging) 25th – 27th of may.

Friday: Me met friday after work at the train station to get to Neustadt, during the train ride we decided to get out earlier and ride some more because the weather was perfect and it was cheaper 😉 In Neustadt we went to the supermarket to get the neccessary camp drinks and breakfast. A Döner and pizza fueled us for the uphill to a nice small tower. The trail up there was lovely. We missed a camp fire in fact of the dried out forest. At the spot were huge ants, nearly two centimeters big. We slept well with those new friends. Especially Erik in his new Bivy.

Saturday: After a coffee and packing we went on, soon we reach a hiking club house with bar to have a breakfast with strawberry cake and another coffee.

We rode new trails, lovely bike paths… The Pfalz is just an awesome area to ride. We had lunch on the way, but the best should still come. For diner we found a restaurant in the last small village before the uphill, the street was a dead end. The restaurant was just lovely, everything (also sausages) selfmade. After diner we started to ride in the woods in a misterous light. Summer time.

When we arrived at the spot (after some pushing the bikes) which a cycling friend recommened us we were just impressed! What a spot! A big rock on top of a hill with a stunning view! We had some talks and wine before we went to sleep….

Sunday: Waking up early and have some coffees at this awesome spot called ‘Rötzelfelsen’. There was also a hiking couple sleeping there which went on the track before us.

in fact that we were very early we stopped at some bars/restaurant to have a snack a beer. And a ride with a ferry. To cool. I couldn’t wait for Tuscany Trail 🙂 In all it was about 216k and 2245 meters of elevation. Bäm! Thanks Erik!