Vosges. Beautiful!

We planned to cruise around in the vosges. To get there we took the train on a friday noon to Schirmeck. We wanted to sleep the second night at a new spot, but…. difficulties made us to change to plan. 😉

Erik’s worst: put off and on the back tire around 8 times in fact of a flat. Flat Erik.

First it worked out but after lowering the pressure it was flat again. And hard to find the hole(s)…

Erik’s best: the moor area after climbing direction Schneeberg at around 800-900 meters. Unfortunately no pic. C’est la vie…

My worst: Erik’s flat 😀

My best: to see again that a plan is good, but change it depending on the circumstances is awesome.

We had a great time with campfire, Erik testing his new tens for Silkroadmountainrace, and if you’re in La Petite-Pierre you to checkout our diner spot ‘Les Jardins D’utopie‘. I discoverd that a MTB with 3,0″ tires is great for touring! Touring the vosges you can see the Mosel valley and the Rhine valley, such a blast!


Erik fighting with his tent:

Lunch at a bar in Alsace and Tempature: