My photographer friend Christian asked me a few weeks ago if i would do a film project about an overnighter with Sven of Karlsruhe/Hamburg, i directly answered ‘Yes’! Knowing Sven since years and and working with them sounded awesome. Also my biggest reward for this would be that Christian MUST sleep at the spot this night also. Two calls and visiting the creative agency to meet the some more people of the crew involved in the project. Nice people so this would get a lovely project for the local tram company KVV for the 25 years event.

We figured out a spot to meet near Bad Herrenalb, i waited there for nearly an hour. Then a phone call later with Christian i knew what happened that they were lacy, just some positive police affaire. All fine. We met at the supermarket where i usually get my food and drinks for the campfire.

I had five people following me in the market and taking photos and filming. Funny. A bit strange for some people inside the supermarket 😉 After i packed everything we started to ride/drive up. Last meeting point at a parking lot at the start of the uphill. The half of the 5 k’s i got followed by the film crew filming me, fighting with my pulse 😛 Then they passed me and when i arrived at the top at the last crossing i was wondering where everybody is? I rode the last 500 meters to the spot, Nina and Christian where already there. I had to film some more cycling, my view, so i went back to film it. During that arrived also the rest of the crew. The people who haven’t yet been at the Bernstein were stoked about the place. Christian started immediately to collect wood for the campfire. Then a call of the film crew to shoot some scenes at the rock with the amazing Rhine valley in the background.

#fotografie #christianernst #Photographer

Then some more scenes at the campfire, after that they left to go back in town and hotel. Time for Christian and me to start the BBQ, have serious conversation about life, i mostly forgot to take pictures because i totally enjoyed the time with him.  Happens…

#fotografie #christianernst #Photographer

The next morning Christian had to get up early to go to the next shoot, we had some coffee, sun and cleaned the place to leave. I had a great ride home through this beautiful part of the northern black forest. Later i had to get to the agency because we forgot the words by me why i’m doing all this. 😉 It’s all about free your mind, find yourself, enjoy and understand nature.

Thanks Christian for these awesome photos and overnighting with me, Sven and Viky for filming, i’m excited for the movie, Nina, Jenny, Regina and Frank of  Ixtacy for making this possible!