A new awesome spot… i researched on Komoot for a new spot and finally found the Draberghütte which looked just awesome! We rode the a nice forest path which was partly crossed by cracked treets, just a bunnyhop 😉 Also we passed a interesting shelter with a bbq-spot  and fresh water. After that we followed the “Tour de Murg” to Forbarch. There we shopped the necessary food, water and drinks for diner.

Next program point: The uphill….

We had 10 K’s to reach the spot. Heavy loaded with water, some beers and food. Seriously: most of the weight was water…  For some parts we had to push the bike uphill that the pulse was not bursting our veins. But… the scenery was just beautiful! Nearly the end we got overtaken by an E-MTB rider and he just asked if our battery packs are empty. Funny. 😉 The last meters were rolling down to the spot, happy to arrive there!


Just AWESOME! The view, the shelter, …. A couple of Stuttgart was already there, they started this day to some of the Westweg. So we shared the spot together for the evening and night. They wanted to build their borrowed tent, and after ten minutes trying… frustrated 😉 With my help the tent was build in a few minutes, also a Big Agnes of which i own also one fine tent. After the camp fire was up and running we shared Eierlikör, talked and had a really nice evening with sharing our groceries.

Sun, coffee, waking up, enjoying the scenery… on the way back home we passed the plateau of the northern Black Forest, again… beautiful! passing some shelters, and before Bad Herrenalb at looooong descent. We arrived for lunch in Fischweiter at the snack point for a delicious Currywurst. After that some kilometers back home…. AWESOME weekend! Thanks Kai, Kira and Oli