Eric and me planned to stay at the Bernstein for the new year’s evening. The day before we fixed it because  the weather forecast was fine! And time for BBQ. We rode with the camper to a parking area near the spot and we had just a bit more than 4k to the spot. Steep 4k’s.

When we arrived was nobody there. After half an hour came to families for BBQ  and a bit later another group of 10 people. Now it was way to crowded… They all left soon and we had time for our BBQ and some campfire. We felt asleeep before midnight, so we couldn’t enjoy the view of the fireworks. 😉 Next time.

In the morning it felt freezy… It was below zero. We had some coffee, a nice talk with a woman walking by with her dog and then we left back home. What a amazing new year evening!